Every Minute Counts

People with the same date of birth do not have similar personalities. Time and place of birth can be different. According to the time of birth, there will be a lot of differences in personality traits, the way of thinking, beliefs, and lifestyle in general.

People who are born as twins also have a lot of differences. Two people born on the same date have the same planetary positions, but ascendant(rising sign) is different according to the time of birth. People born on the same date and at the same time but different places, the planets are positioned differently and are placed on different degrees and have different dignity in divisional charts at the time of birth.

Some planets have a fast effect and influence on the life of one person, so it can never be the case that you will find two horoscopes exactly the same. Another reason is that the astrological house arrangements change very quickly, approximately 1 degree every 4 minutes.

If you have someone born at 4:00 PM, and they have an ascendant of 14 degrees Taurus… four minutes later the ascendant would move to an 18 degrees Taurus. Taking this into consideration, this would literally change someone’s life completely.

The closest chance of sharing a similar destiny is the case with twins, born very close to each other. Despite that, there are significant differences, perhaps because of the element of surprise which is always present in our lives.

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