Predicting the future was an integral part of my childhood. It was only at a later age that I realized that my grandmother was a truly clairvoyant person. Until then, I thought it was completely normal and that anybody grandmother knew, what was going to happen in the future. I thought grandmas were just like that.
There were days when she would, with morning coffee, tell us what she dreamed of. She would describe how hundreds of people died, somewhere in the mountains. She was really shaken and worried. We didn’t really pay attention to her words. After a day would pass and the whole family would gather in front of the TV, we would watch the news. Among other things, they said it had happened airplane accident and hundreds were died. The plane crashed in the mountains. Grandma just kept repeating: “What did I tell you?”
She tried to hide her gift, she didn’t reveal it to everybody. Sometimes she knew, in front of family friends, just say something that will happen to them in the future. She didn’t dream that, she just knew. After a while, they started coming to her – they ask her to tell them more. They came for coffee and after drinking it, she would turn the cup down. She “read” to them from the coffee cup.
After a short time they came every day. On one occasion I asked her to show me how she reads from the cup. I asked her what she saw there.
She said:” There? Nothing. It’s just a cup. I pretend to read from a cup, that people don’t think I’m crazy. As far as I’m concerned, that could be raw spaghetti, beans, cards…anything. All this is just to distract them.”
I’m not like her. I don’t have the power she had. It works a little differently for me. Sometimes I have dreams. Sometimes she visits me in them. I found myself in astrology. Or astrology found me…I’m not sure anymore. All I know is that it’s been a part of my life for 30 years. In the past years I have worked with a closed circle of private clients. Recently, I decided to be accessible to everyone. The way I envision the future implies that I use several techniques , which complement and validate each other. I don’t guess – or I know, or I don’t know, I either see it or I don’t see it. That’s how I work.
Coffee cup? No. I never even tried. Like grandma said, there’s nothing there.
Tarot cards? They work great for me.
I can do a lot but I’m not like grandma. Maybe those abilities come with age. We’ll see…