ARIES – MAY 2020

( General love /erotic reading for the Sun, Moon, Venus or rising sign of Aries, or if you have a stellium in this sign – three or more planets in the sign of Aries in your birth chart).

In May, Aries natives will have an opportunity to meet a new and unpredictable lover. The emphasis is on the new – whether you are a younger person who will have a love experience for the first time, or you will meet a new lover who will introduce to you brand new intimate levels – something you have never experienced before – either ways, you will experience it as something original.

What you have to watch out for are emotions. You need to be aware that this person is at an advantage over you because of the experience he/she has. It’s easy to love someone who gives you something you didn’t even know existed and without even noticing that you may be wrong. Don’t get too carried away with that person and here are the reasons (yes, there are more than one!):

  1. This person is used to having a lot of partners. Both, in the past and in the future. You are neither the first nor the last in that person’s life. Don’t take it personally. It’s such a lifestyle.
  2. That person is very gentle, patient, emotional.This is not savage but cultural, sophisticated person, who is master of dealing with emotions. He or she can convince you that you mean everything to them in the world, and he/she will not give up until they are convinced that you too have emotions for them.
  3. DON’T ASSUME YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE!!! The fact is, they don’t make the one night stand connections, their relationships always involve emotions, but… they are almost never in a relationship with just one person. You may find it hard to believe after experiencing “perfect” love with that person, but don’t be surprised if one day you discover that you share that person with someone.

How will you recognize them?

Well, they are absolutely adorable, but they also like alcohol. Sometimes they overdo it. They may already have children and they are good parents. Of course, this does not necessarily stop them from wanting children with you – especially if you don’t have any.

What sets them apart from the ordinary is that they like to express intimate affection also outside the bedroom – in or on the water, for example. They loves everything that is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. This person is very responsible, he/she will never deny you the intimate pleasures he/she has taught you. Even if your needs increase, it will never be too much for them. It is unlikely that you will ever outgrow your teacher. Often, by profession, they are businessmen (businesswoman) or they are skilled in law. They do not like intrusive, overly conspicuous women. Women who are confident in themselves and their appearance, are not interesting to them. Their interest is aroused by visibly inexperienced and innocent persons – who go to church and sing in the church choir, timid, without make up and unobtrusively dressed.

You could discover your wild side as well, and this may surprise both, you and your partner. You will want to rise to the challenge at all costs and things could easily get out of hand. There may be situations in which your partner will become aware that you are outdoing yourself – it could create a subconscious fear of him losing you. Concern that, whatever you do with him, you may now do with someone else, because you have learned. And of course, the fact that you are no longer so innocent, slowly moving him away from you.

There could be arguments and in the end you might feel bad – as if this whole intimate experience was actually something negative. All those little games just led to misery and worthless fighting. As if the goal is to own one another. You might realize that it’s not love, it’s just imitation, the purpose of what remains is an insatiable passion and lust that binds you.

However, you will hardly go away, just like that. You will still be strongly attracted to your partner’s physical appearance. You will hardly say goodbye to your handsome partner and at the same time you will realize that you have had enough of his sexual affairs. You will be aware that your partner has discovered you his darkest and most hidden fantasies and that over time you too began to enjoy in them. If you leave him/her, you will miss your little games together – while your partner holds your hands tightly so that you cannot move, handcuffed you or tie his silk tie around your neck and gently tighten it , more and more…

As far as fantasy was concerned, maybe you had yours in which your partner satisfied you: you could imagined that you were the prostitute who did this for the first time. A fantasy that you know you could never take in reality, it’s just a game that you can perform with a certain partner. And now you should leave him and go just like that?!

Yes, you are aware that this is not the right person for a serious family life. But you also know that you will not easily find such a passionate love affair again. It’s still the person who showed you how sex can be magical.It will take you a lot of strength to leave forever. It is certain that you will never be the same person again.

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