(General love/erotic reading for the Sun, Moon, Venus or rising sign of Cancer, or if you have a stellium in this sign – three or more planets in the sign of Cancer in your birth chart).

In May, some of you will be alone and practicing abstinence, or some of you will have long-distance relationships. An intimate relationship with a person from a foreign country is possible.

The relationship between you will be satisfying and kind. On the other hand, the intimate relationship itself does not promise that it could be anything special – ordinary sex. Either you or one of you is inexperienced, or there is a lack of imagination..but if you’re both okay with that, that shouldn’t be a problem. You will feel pleasure in simple sex.

The relationship tends to be long-lasting and something that you can be proud of. It is possible that as a couple you are very curious, that two of you will be exploring. You like to watch videos, films, sex instruction videos, skype, or even recording sex. You have nothing against role-playing, either.

With time, you or your partner can feel aversion to the sexual demands of the other party or maybe even desire to find new sexual happiness or refreshing sexual experiences. In some ways boredom is possible, as well as saturation. Maybe one of you will feel the need for sex outside your regular relationship, feeling like you need to run away from it all. Something like this (affair) can happen while traveling, or in some other unusual location.

At home, at the same time, can occur some debating or arguing, behavior tends to be motivated by principles. Cold performance, feelings that are revealed only in the sexual embrace. In the end, preferring family life winning – lasting values will show their power over the transient challenges of the adventure.

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