(General love/erotic reading for the Sun, Moon, Venus or rising sign of Gemini, or if you have a stellium in this sign – three or more planets in the sign of Gemini in your birth chart).

The Gemini will reveal their darkest secrets with their partners in May. You probably will dealing with deceptive sexual partners anyway. You will have the feeling that there are obstacles in your way, that everything is somehow unstable and unclear, mysterious and hidden. Sometimes you will think that your love is just an illusion, a dangerous story under the auspices of love, on the brink of scandal and betrayal.

In your relationship, femininity is the center and backbone of the relationship – something very real and tangible and yet untouchable and unquestionable. You will feel erotic fulfillment, complete pleasure, your sexual desires will be satisfied. In this kind of relationship it is always about a woman’s principle – for a man represents the way he thinks of women. In a female’s reading it represents herself.

You or someone in your life is highly skilled in the art of love. Lovemaking is very skillful and artistic – capable sexual techniques, it gives the impression of professionalism, doing a good job and being good at what you do.

Queen of Cups represents you or your partner – a woman, “fair in form and figure, a dreamer who also acts, a woman rich sexual powers, a romantic woman, who will sexually serve her partner, a perfect mistress or lover. Also, wild sexual fantasies but practical in bed”.

This person will make dinner, give the massage, she will have the desire for cuddling after sex. Focus is on touching, holding and squeezing (massaging). Besides usual places, likes sex in the kitchen. She long to be dominated by an alpha bad – boy and she will use the pet names like “baby” or “babe”.

There will be scheduling time – future or past. You both will feel the need to make time for sex and schedule it in. If your partner is younger, he/she will tend to want to show you how mature they are. If your partner is older, he/she will want to show you that they’re not past their expiration date.

The sense of time management is constantly present: you have to make time for each other, but you also delays, hold on or hurry up.

It is also possible that you have renewed your relationship with a person from the past, that you dealing with past lover.

Two things are imposed as very important: loyalty and beauty. They seem to be inexplicably connected. From the attraction comes loyalty but also bragging. You are aware of many sexual competitors, but you are also aware that you have advantage over them.

As long as everything is fine and your relationship is stable, you are fine. Although everything may not be perfect, you don’t want to go back to depressed loneliness and solitude.

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