LEO – MAY 2020

(General love/erotic reading for the Sun, Moon, Venus or rising sign of Leo, or if you have a stellium in this sign – three or more planets in the sign of Leo in your birth chart).

In April some of you will face an attempt to put a price on your emotions – more or less successful. In April, everything is about money. You will be very efficient an direct in your performance. There is an opportunity to get started a sexual relationship, but it will also be quite demanding. Your partner could easily be insensitive, with a methodical approach to sex, a person who does not reveal his feelings. Still, he is an honest person, so expect an honest answer if you ask for one. At the same time, your partner won’t mind telling you what he or she feels like with money, instead of words. It could be a relationship where you trade sex for something one wants (and that is meant by both sides) even intimacy provided in return for social success.

You can count on an intimate relationship with strangers or in a foreign country, exotic or extreme sex. You can meet your partner while you are on a trip or journey. One of you could like to use domination, as a sexual turn on. You will have to overcome obstacles and make the impossible possible, through willpower. Everything between two of you tends to happen really quickly, with lots of excitement and passion. There will be exaggerations in some things, too: jealousy, use of stimulants, cigarettes…

You will be good with status quo, you will not look for other partners, because you will cling for one you now have. You will be frugal, both in material things and in various pleasures – you will stick to what you have.

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