(General love/erotic reading for the Sun, Moon, Venus or rising sign of Pisces, or if you have a stellium in this sign – three or more planets in the sign of Pisces in your birth chart).

Pisces can expect sex with foreigners, exotic sex, overseas relationships, extreme of freaky experiences in sex with their partners. In May, everything is going to be about being in a relationship, which could result in marriage with your soulmate.

At the beginning of your relationship, there is a possibility of promiscuity and misunderstandings, but there is also deep sharing and love between the two of you. Maybe you will have to deal with third party situation as well, but otherwise, you will having fun and enjoy with your partner. In other words, you have the potential for a great relationship, but with the initial obstacles and problems.

Each of you has a role to play – your relationship with your partner is on relation mom – son, or father – daughter. There may also be a real difference in age between you. The biggest difference will be felt in maturity – one of you will be completely immature like a baby, and the other will have to be ripe for both.

Domination will emerge from this relationship and yo two will like to use it as a sexual turn on. Soon, your relationship will be occupied about overcoming obstacles and making the impossible possible through willpower. Neither of you don’t want “rock the boat”, you will both take a stand “whatever you say, dear”.

You want peace at any price and soon you will become aware that you have to make up your mind about this relationship.

You can get self – absorbed and be off in your own little world at times, so anything that keep you grounded is useful. Conversation with friends about subject on your mind might be of use, too.

You will not be sure what’s happening, so any feedback or comments could help you clear the head.

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