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Pisces – The Story About Neptune

Neptune entered the Pisces sign on April 4, 2011, and will remain there until January 26, 2026. This is only the second stay of Neptune in Pisces that astrologers know about. Neptune has been discovered on September 23, 1846., only 6 months before his entry into Pisces. That was 165 years ago, how much Neptune need to cross the entire zodiac.

So, Neptune was the first time in the sign of Pisces in the mid – 19th century, from April 1847 – April 1862. The truth is that we still don’t know enough about how Neptune is affecting our lives. Not only 165 years ago Neptune was just discovered, but by then Jupiter was considered the ruler of Pisces.

There are discussions and controversies surrounding Neptune – some recognize him as the ruler of Pisces, others disagree and deny it and continue to recognize only Jupiter as the ruler of Pisces. The fact is that Neptune exists, it is there – with all his energy, whether somebody liked it or not. If they acknowledge him, then they attribute him almost insignificant strength. Many believe that Neptune only acts and affects generations and that it does not affect the individual and the private life of each of us. No one knows how Neptune then, in the 19th century, influenced the lives of Pisces – he skillfully hiding in the infinity of the Universe, he created the illusion about himself and Pisces.

That is why I believe that the Pisces has not been accurately described. Not then, not today. Old texts where Jupiter is considered to be the ruler of the Pisces are still being rewritten, which generally gives a completely wrong picture. So, forget about everything you read about Pisces – everything they attribute to them is in many ways incorrect. After all, by 2026. a new generation of Pisces will be created..this is the 21st century, Neptune has returned to his home as a recognized ruler and gave power to Pisces that no one ever attributed to them. This applies above all to Pisces who are aware of how Neptune works.


The first decade of Pisces, born on February 19. – February 28. have already experienced the transition of Neptune across the natal Sun. Unfortunately, many Pisces from the first decade say that this was one of the worst periods of their lives. I believe it was because they were greeted with fear and ignorance by this conjunction. And this was expected because only now, we are first time aware of Neptune in the sign of Pisces. As with all other planets, it is important that you know how to use the energy of the planet to your advantage. The truth is that Neptune is malefic – brings illusions, deceptions, lies, nothing is as it seems…He rules the fluids (water, sea, toxins..), drugs, alcohol..but also with imagination, music, movies, photography…

We can direct his energy to whatever we want, the point is not to let it rule us. If you spend Neptune’s energy thoughtfully and focused, you can benefit from it. The worst choice is to sit in fear and wait for it to pass.
It is true that the conjunction of Neptune and Sun can bring the death of a father or husband. It is not a rule but there is a possibility. Neptune is here in the role of activating a process that has been going on for a long time.

For example, if the person has been ill for an extended period. Neptune does not bring sudden events like Uranus, and like no other planet, it can do nothing on its own. So, it is not only his guilty, in the case of death. But if at the same time another aspect is happening, Neptune in conjunction with the Sun can take father’s life, in the horoscope of a male person and an unmarried female person. If the woman is married, then it may mean the death of the husband (in the case of a married woman the Sun represents her husband and Saturn represents her father).
On the other side, the Sun generally represents a man.

As far as love relationships are concerned, in a woman’s horoscope the conjunction of Neptune with the Sun (and this is now happening to Pisces born from February 29. – March 10.) can bring the most beautiful love fairy tale with a tendency to, after the transit passes, everything turns into a big disappointment. Neptune is an illusion. Again, it’s not the rule, but there is a good chance that the person in front of you is not as you see it. The best solution is not to commit until transit passes. And how Pisces will recognize that Neptune is put them on a test and sending them someone? Hard, but pay attention if the person is:
– the owner of the ship or boat, sailor, or if he lives by the sea, river, lake…
– the owner of a restaurant or bar, waiter
– musician
– artist (painter, writer, dancer, photographer..)
– pharmacist, doctor, anesthesiologist…

Any connection with liquids, through work or place of residence, is the first clue. Artists of any kind also belong to this group. Another group is alcoholics or drug addicts – but they are difficult or impossible to detect at first. Of course, they will hide it, and in doing so they can be bankers and do drugs and you will have no idea. It is the work of Neptune. The best advice I can give you is not to commit until the transit is over. When you will be able to see clearly, without the illusion, who is in front of you – then decide.

For Pisces born from February 29. – March 10., that means by February 2021. Enjoy the moment but be aware that there is a possibility that everything is an illusion.
During this period, Pisces do not tolerate shallow connections – whether it is a friendship or a love relationship. Anything that is shallow and doesn’t bring you fulfillment, you just can’t stand it.

I also note that the Pisces during this period are not thrilled that anyone from the past is returning to them. If you just mention to them the possibility of returning love from the past, all Pisces says the same:” I don’t want this person back”. And they are probably right. If that person was worth it, they wouldn’t have been in the past. Why give them a chance to return if they didn’t know how to stay?

But if anyone from the past dares to go back, he must know that he will not find what he has left. You may remember Pisces as gentle, loving, caring creatures and they really are like that. Just don’t come back if you hurt them. Because of Neptune, Pisces is impossible to deceive. They will see through your every lie or fraud. Neptune is the king of illusion and gives Pisces a power than no one can overpower.
Pisces will not attack you, you will not receive a message or a call from them. They will seem as if they have disappeared, their unusually quiet appearance could upset you. Pisces personally will do absolutely nothing, and that is exactly what can challenge you to seek them out yourself. You will probably perform as you have in the past – you will lie that you were not with anyone after the break, that you have never cheated…and similar. In return, you won’t get any reaction. There will be no tears, high tones, not even a single word. And as you sweat explaining why Pisces should still accept you back, they will just look at you in silence, knowing you are lying. It is unlikely to receive you back. As I said before, they are not thrilled to continue dealing with the past.

They are no longer those emotional Pisces, which forgive everyone, everything…All you can get from them is that they may come to your dreams, torture you with their presence even though they are gone forever.

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