(General love/erotic reading for the Sun, Moon, Venus or rising sign of Scorpio, or if you have a stellium in this sign – three or more planets in the sign of Scorpio in your birth chart).

Scorpions will feel the need to escape from everything in May. An intimate relationship is possible while traveling. Sex outside your regular relationship is possible as well. You will feel the enjoyment of the highest degree, maybe because you will very well understand the needs and desires your partner has.

Also, you may be further excited by the fact that it is likely to be all about illegal relationships. It is particularly emphasized sexual progress with females or for women in general.

You can generally expect to overcome obstacles and delays. Females will be convinced by somebody that sexual intercourse is good for them. Overall, you will hold yourself back, and you will work on your self-control. You will appreciate your quiet time spent alone.

Still, we are not talking here about the real relationship – whether or not you feel that way for a long time or it is a new condition – you will feel heartbreak and alone. You will be looking for a company of friends and you’ll want to go to the parties, maybe having a few drinks… It will be the perfect environment for you to relax and meet someone. Best for you is to go out and get some fun.

For men’s (if you dating one or you are the man), means there will be no fidelity, you are dealing with a player (or you are the one), double-dealing, but also drinking (alcoholic). The man is also probably the father.

With your willpower over your potential partner, you will be able to control your sexual destiny. You have skill and diplomacy, confidence, and well, to get what you want. For females, sexual powers may lie in her ability to create a pleasant sexual atmosphere, for and with the love object of her choice. You will also be reading or writing about sex, through letters, emails, or texting to your lover.

In the end, you will still feel that your wishes are unfulfilled and that you are still in a state of depressing solitude. You will not be able to get rid of the feeling of loneliness. Your passions and desires will remain unrequited and unfulfilled, at least this month.

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