VIRGO – MAY 2020

(General love/erotic reading for the Sun, Moon, Venus or rising sign of Virgo, or if you have a stellium in this sign – three or more planets in the sign of Virgo in your birth chart).

Virgo’s will have the opportunity in May to have an intimate relationship with “expert in sex”. This could be a holiday romance or a relationship with a foreign partner. At the same time, it is possible that you will not end your previous relationship yet, or you will not do it properly, or well enough – in any case, it might happen to you that you have complicated sexual relationships with several partners.

Your inability to manage or cope with a relationship will come to the fore. Before you will be forced to make a choice, you will find out what you want and need by experiencing what you don’t want. You will be learning by opposites.

Although there could be promiscuity and misunderstandings, it’s all about being in a relationship, which could result in marriage with your soulmate. You are advised to forgive your partner for his weaknesses, as well as yourself. Maybe you expect too much, from both of you. If you manage to keep your expectations a little lower, you will have a long lasting relationship, that you can be proud of.

If you are a woman, it is possible that your partner is a dark man, handsome, well – built. He is emotional, honest, and friendly, a man who understands the need of others.

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