Virgo sign


At the beginning of the year, some of you will deal with a strong-minded person and it seems like that person is a friend you can count on. He is emotionally strong, with highly developed social skills. Strong leader, who is capable to make other people feel special.
Also, he is a passionate teacher and a very old soul, so to say. Apart from being wise, he also offers words of courage. This person could easily be teaching art or music. But he is not actively employed. This is probably an older person, perhaps retired.
In the spring, you will find inspiration in a difficult situation. You will concern for some stability, yours or others. But most likely, you will be worried about someone else. Maybe you will even be helping someone who is far away. You will be sending something to this person-money, food, clothes…If that situation will occur for you, then that means that this person is somewhere far away, probably even in a very dangerous place.
About mid-year it looks like you’re trying to make an impression on someone, positive impression, you will want someone to like you. You will be trying to be cool and popular.
Also, there is a possibility for a new connection and a happy new relationship. You will be looking out for your physical appearance, in other words, you will want to make an impression. But at the same time, you will suspend your emotions, you will not be willing to show them and you’re will be acting uninterested.
Maybe this strange behaviours of yours will have to do something with the fact that you will not be able to understand something about that person. It’s like you will doubt it. You will be investigating something or someone you’re not sure about. You will be probably thinking a lot about what to do, what to choose.
In the second half of the year, there are indications that you will be in the initial phases, at the beginning of something. It can mean the beginning of making something financial as well as investing in yourself. Also, there is a possibility of romance, but at the same time also showing off your talents.

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