In this section you will find yearly horoscope for all signs!

Aquarius sign


Some of Aquarius natives will start the year 2020 with a lot of headaches work-related. Be especially careful when dealing with a person who is in any way connected to the land: farmers, someone who works with the land, or take something out of the ground – vegetables, minerals, gems…or if that person either owns

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Aries sign


You will begin the year 2020. through strained relationships with difficult people. You will successfully ignore the bullies and raise the above hurtful people. You will probably be a victim of gossip and someone will betray you. If you don’t already know who that might be, it’s possible that this person is younger, may have

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Cancer sign


The beginning of the year 2020 is marked by love addiction. It can be an obsession with the desire to become a parent. There are a big desire and the need to take care of someone, to nurture someone. It seems like you are committed to becoming a parent.Around March some of you will probably

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Capricorn sign


For you, the year 2020 will start with challenges. Some chapters in your life will be completed. Some of you may also graduate successfully.At the same time, you will have defensive behavior, you will put up boundaries, in some way you will alienate yourself from others. You may even be stuck in some way in

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Gemini sign


GENERAL READING The Gemini will begin the year 2020 by planning and thinking about investing in some long – term vision. You will be accompanied by a feeling that you are not financially strong enough, no matter how hard you work. The fact is that you may prefer to do the work you love more

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Leo sign


At the beginning of 2020, there is a big possibility that you will get a fob offer. You could be either part of some legal team or otherwise connected to it.You will also avoid taking a stand on something. Maybe you will have some evidence in your hands, but you will be also aware that

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Libra sign


GENERAL READING You probably have someone special, who calms you down and gives you the opportunity and the peace to create something incredible. You are in an advantageous position because people perceive you as a leader. Some of you may have something to do with healthcare – with doctors, scientists or healthcare professionals – or

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Pisces sign


For almost all of last year, Pisces has enjoyed the affection of the planets in terms of finances and earnings. Negative changes may have been felt in the last months of 2019. and will reach the beginning of 2020. But this is only a temporary negative state – many Pisces change jobs and build new

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Sagittarius sign


The year 2020 will start for you with some delay or prolongation. You will be preparing yourself for something that’s going to happen. You will deal with a larger amount of money, but you will be hiding something from others about it, and even misleading yourself. You will feel fear, confusion, you will walk in

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Scorpio sign


You will start the year with the hope of a new business opportunity, but unfortunately, there is a big chance that you will be betrayed by someone who did you rely on.At the beginning of the year, you will sign some legal documents as well.At that point, you will maybe worry too much about the

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Taurus sign


At the beginning of the year 2020, you will deal with one-sided friendship. It used to be a really solid friendship, but now it seems as if one side is holding back. Maybe it’s you or the other party. Anyway, this is where someone behaves restrained, does not want to interfere and just observe. Regards

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Virgo sign


At the beginning of the year, some of you will deal with a strong-minded person and it seems like that person is a friend you can count on. He is emotionally strong, with highly developed social skills. Strong leader, who is capable to make other people feel special.Also, he is a passionate teacher and a

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